The Picatinny Sound Off is a quarterly video that highlights information about Picatinny... Read More

Engineers receive award for redesign of mortar packaging

Six Picatinny Arsenal engineers recently won an award for the redesign of 60 mm... Read More

Breaking new ground, joint service team uses 3-D printing to test equipment

In an effort to better monitor the structural health of military equipment, Picatinny Arsenal... Read More

ARDEC dedicates new propellant facility to WWII veteran, John Amerspek

In honor of World War II veteran and former Picatinny senior manager John P. Amerspek, Picatinny Arsenal... Read More

ARDEC first in line for Army Materiel Command Master Resiliency Training

Training was held at Picatinny Arsenal, May 11-22 for a unique new program intended as a support for Soldiers... Read More

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Picatinny 'levels up,' turns gaming into serious business

When America's Army, a first-person shooter video game, was published by the U.S. Army in 2002, gamers praised it... Read More

Picatinny supports second annual Junior Solar Sprint Race

On May 27 Picatinny Arsenal's science, technology, engineering and mathematics, STEM, program... Read More

ARDEC mentoring program fosters future leaders, makes protégés into professionals

From new hires to senior leaders, Picatinny employees gathered recently for the ARDEC Mentoring Program social event... Read More

ARDEC aims for improvement, making good into better, turning better into best

Questions regarding evacuation procedures and workforce safety were common during a town hall on May 26... Read More

Exploration encourages communication at World Day for Cultural Diversity

Sushi, jerk chicken, kielbasa sausage, and tzatziki sauce were a few of the cultural dishes offered May 21 at Picatinny Arsenal's... Read More

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"Sound Off" From Picatinny Arsenal: with Michael Colonnello, Mechanical Engineer. Watch Now...


Empower, unburden, and protect the Warfighter by providing superior armaments solutions that dominate the battlefield


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ARDEC Director's Corner

John F. Hedderich III

John F. Hedderich III was assigned as Director of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ on February 8, 2015. As Director, Mr. Hedderich provides strategic leadership and technical management of ARDEC’s annual budget of over $1.3 billion, 64 laboratories, and a workforce of over 4,000 government and support personnel, including more than 2,000 engineers and scientists dedicated to delivering superior lethal and non-lethal armament solutions to the Warfighter. From June 2008 to February 2015, Mr. Hedderich served as the Executive Director of the Munitions Engineering and Technology Center at ARDEC. While maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, people and equipment, Mr. Hedderich provided leadership that impacted the lifecycle of numerous Army and Joint Service armaments, including a wide range of ammunition, explosives, propellants, fuzes, sensors, guidance, mortar, mine, countermine and explosive ordnance disposal systems. Mr. Hedderich also successfully overhauled ARDEC’s safety program and hazardous operations. A career civil servant, Mr. Hedderich was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in November 1998. Mr. Hedderich’s other executive assignments include:
- Director of the Armaments Engineering Technology Center (Jan 2007 - Jun 2008): Managed and gave technical direction to over 2000 engineers and scientists engaged in ARDEC’s core mission of weapons, ammunition and fire control.
- Director for Enterprise Management (Oct 2003 - Jan 2007): Responsible for ARDEC-wide business development, customer interface, alignment of investments with strategic goals, performance measurement, business process design, and knowledge management. In this position, Mr. Hedderich was architect of a new ARDEC-wide organizational paradigm to better support customer requirements and accelerate the pace of technology discovery and delivery. These organizational changes contributed to ARDEC being the first Department of Defense organization to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
- Senior Technical Executive, Close Combat Armaments Center (Jun 2002 - Oct 2003): Developed and executed scientific and technology strategies for small, medium and large caliber weapons, ammunition, mines and countermine, non-lethal weapons and ammunition and special operations gear.
- Associate Technical Director, Systems Concepts and Technology (Nov 1998 - Jun 2002): Managed the Armament Technology Base Program and authored a new technology and integration strategy for armaments that better met customer requirements for lighter, mobile, more lethal, and logistically efficient weapons systems.
Mr. Hedderich earned his bachelor’s of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. His significant awards include the Achievement Award for Civilian Service (1998), Army Superior Unit Award (2000 and 2009) and the National Defense Industrial Preparedness Award (1998)

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