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Planning a Visit to Picatinny

Please be aware that all visitors, including those escorted by Picatinny or Contractor personnel with valid Picatinny I.D., are required to process in through the Visitor Center located at the Main Gate. You will be issued a pass and MUST have some form of valid photo ID, i.e. Drivers License, Passport, etc. This policy includes all vehicle passengers.

In addition, individuals operating vehicles without a Picatinny decal affixed will be required to process in through the Visitor Center and must provide license and registration. All vehicles entering the gate will be subject to a full search for prohibited items and contraband. Prohibited items include: weapons, ammunition, drugs, alcoholic beverages, photographic equipment, and recording devices. These items will be confiscated and violators cited by the Picatinny Police. All delivery vehicles must process in through the Truck Gate.

Picatinny personnel expecting visitors are required to complete a Visitor Registration Form. In order to plan ahead and avoid a longer wait in the Visitor Center, please remind your contact to submit the required documentation to the Visitor Center prior to your visit. The form will require your schedule for the day, the location(s) you will be visiting and the name of your Picatinny sponsor(s). If you are driving on base, you will need to supply the make, model and license plate number of your vehicle or let your contact know that it is a rental.

Please remember that Picatinny is a military installation, controlled and operated by government personnel trained in safe testing procedures. These guidelines are intended for your safety and operational security.

We want your visit to be productive and pleasant. Please bring any problems, questions, or concerns to our attention. Questions or comments may be directed to the Director of Emergency Services, (973)724-6784.

Please enjoy your visit to Picatinny!