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Benét LaboratoriesBenét Laboratories is the U.S. Army's design authority for large caliber cannon and cannon safe life considerations. A research, development, and engineering facility, Benét is responsible for the full life-cycle of mortars, tank guns, and artillery cannon for howitzers; provides tank turret support for ABRAMS and Crew Cooling for ABRAMS, Bradley and LAV combat vehicles; and provides support to the Army's industrial base at the Watervliet Arsenal. Benét specializes in high performance materials development, machining technologies, producibility, composites manufacturing, testing, materials and coatings characterization, modeling and simulation, validation of mechanical systems, complex single and multi-phase fluid systems, gun dynamics, interior and exterior ballistics, and field support. Benét also utilizes reverse engineering and rapid prototyping through laser scanning, stereolithography, 3-dimensional printing, and Laser Enhanced Net Shape (LENS) manufacturing to produce legacy and current system parts. Click here for a complete list of Benét's capabilities.

A part of the Weapons & Software Engineering (WSEC), Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Benét is located at the historic Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York. The co-location of Arsenal manufacturing and Benét Labs offers military and civilian business entities a one-stop shop for research, design, prototype development, full manufacturing, and long-term customer service.

Benét is ISO 9001 certified.

Benét Laboratories

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Plan, program, budget, manage, and execute the technology base, life cycle engineering, production support, field support and support of the industrial base for Large Caliber Cannon (conventional and electromagnetic), Large Caliber Direct Fire Gun Mounts, and Large Caliber Direct Fire Turret Components.