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Featured News

Picatinny Sponsored School Wins Educational Gaming Competition

A seventh-grade team of students from All Saints Academy in Parsippany, New Jersey, won the 2018 Department of Defense DimensionU Virtual Math Games competition on April 19.


Rock Island Engineer Named ARDEC Employee of the Quarter

Kyle Roeser, a general engineer at Rock Island Arsenal, has been named Employee of the Quarter for both the Army Materiel Command and the Armament Research Development and Engineering Center for the period that ended March 31.


Business Executives for National Service Dive Into Picatinny's STEM Initiatives

Picatinny Arsenal and the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) hosted 18 members of Business Executives for National Service (BENS) on April 18.


Picatinny STEM Robotics Student Gets Full Scholarship to Princeton

A student at East Orange STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy, and a former member of a Picatinny-sponsored FIRST robotics team, was recently accepted to Princeton University with not one, but two
full scholarships.


Six engineering students from Rutgers University-Doug lass Residential College were at Picatinny Arsenal

Six engineering students from Rutgers University-Doug lass Residential College were at Picatinny Arsenal from March 12-16 to closely observe the work of engineers whose specialty fields match those in which the students plan to major. From left, Zaynab Khan, Nga Man Cheng, Natalie Shultis, Erika Jean-Pierre, Shivani Vyas and Maham Aslam.


ARDEC Backs Winning Team at Mount Olive STEM Competition

The Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center mentored
two of the three teams that won the annual For Inspiration of Science and Technology (FIRST) robotics competition at Mount Olive High School.


“Introduce a Girl to Engineering” Enters 6th Year at Picatinny to Promote STEM

As part of a continuing effort to encourage young women to pursue
technical careers, Picatinny Arsenal hosted its sixth year of “Introduce
a Girl to Engineering,” which attracted 100 students from 28 schools.


Eighteen students from Lincoln High School in Yonkers, New York, came to
Picatinny Arsenal on Feb. 21, 2018

Eighteen students from Lincoln High School in Yonkers, New York, came to Picatinny Arsenal on Feb. 21 to engage with product managers and engineers as part of a My Brother's Keeper Alliance STEM visit.


Picatinny Arsenal Returns to Liberty Science Center

Last week, Picatinny Arsenal, the leading hub of military technology and engineering innovation, returned to LSC to show off their cutting-edge military technology. Guests tried out bomb disposal robots, wore virtual reality headsets, and viewed 3D printers and protective Kevlar suits.


Students Apply STEM Skills During 2nd Pumpkin Slinging Competition

This year’s winning team was from Morris Knolls High School, followed by Madison, West Orange, Livingston and Hillside High.


Mr. Ralph Tillinghast presents
“Innovation through STEM: Maintaining the Workforce of Today”

Mr. Ralph Tillinghast presents “Innovation through STEM: Maintaining the Workforce of Today, While Building the Workforce of 2040”


More STEM News

CATTS Simulation

CATTS The Creative All Terrain Transport System (CATTS) web based simulation program was developed by the Simulations Department of The Picatinny Arsenal at the request of the Picatinny STEM Education Office.

The CATTS Simulation was designed and developed to directly mirror the open architecture of the CATTS robot. Unlike other simulations which rely on a predetermined drive train set up, the CATTS simulations allow the user to build the robot in the simulated world in any configuration they so wish without restriction. The student can test the hypothetical design on a simulated environment prior to building the physical CATTS Robot. This reduces potential costs to the school associated with building multiple prototypes. It also provides an introduction to procedures useful when coming to terms with the design and development of complex engineering systems.

The CATTS Simulation will be deployed via a password and username protected ARDEC sponsored server. Instructors will download the EXE file and install the program on the schools' student computers. The number of downloads and who downloaded the program will be tracked via individualized passwords and usernames. Any technical faults with the program or the webpage should be directed to the Picatinny STEM office. MORE...

Hour Of Code

Hour Of Code

STEM You Tube Channel


Maintain our nation's economic and military leadership in a free world.

Knowing the students of today will be the workforce of tomorrow, provide the resources and the support necessary to:

  1. Motivate Students
  2. Inform Parents
  3. Assist teachers and school administrators
  4. Promote careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  5. Direct resources from the Defense and Educational Communities, government and private, into creative and effective educational programs
  6. Develop and distribute innovative state of the art educational resources


To provide the future workforce needed in our Department of Defense Laboratories and contribute to a technologically proficient society.

Please view the latest STEM news on our STEM page.

From the STEM Desk

The Picatinny Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Office has a responsibility to help create a technologically proficient society able to meet the nation's workforce needs. Our concern is not just for government labs, but also for the military, the industrial sector, and society in general. We are proud to be a product of cooperation between private industry, the government, and the academic community. Providing assistance to schools, support for students and leadership in developing creative educational activities appropriate for the 21st century allows us to insure preparedness through education. We welcome the opportunity to be a key factor in maintaining America's status as the world leader in innovation, freedom, and opportunity for its citizens. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged. We welcome you as a STEM partner.

STEM Research Papers

To aid educators, other STEM outreach providers and enhance STEM outreach the Picatinny STEM Office has published academic papers to share our lessons learned and research findings. Please click on the following links to access a full listing of our publications: more...

Full versions of the papers are available upon request