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Doing Business with Benét Laboratories

The Army is not Benét's only customer. Industry, academia, and other government organizations can benefit from Benét capabilities through some of the following technology transfer mechanisms:

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is a written agreement between a federal lab and a non-federal party under which the Government, through its laboratories, can provide personnel, facilities, equipment or other resources with or without reimbursement.
  • Test Service Agreement (TSA) enables federal laboratories to make test facilities and services available to any person or entity for a fee.
  • Patent License Agreement (PLA) is a contractual agreement between the licensor (IP owner) and a licensee that grants the licensee the right to make, use and sell the patented invention. Some of Benét's patents have commercial applications and are available for licensing.
  • Educational Partnership Agreements (EPA) and Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding (MOA/MOU) are other available partnering mechanisms. For more details, please contact Benét's Business Planning and Development Office at:

Benét Laboratories